Do hair transplants actually work?

Hair transplant is one of the most popular way of dealing with hair loss, it is said to be very successful in restoring human natural hair. However one question that is one everyone’s lip is if it truly works.

This question is quite complex, so we will break it into two short questions for a better understanding.

1. Do hair transplant work for everyone?

2. Does hair transplant stop hair loss?

Do hair transplant work for everyone?

The unfortunate answer is no, it doesn’t work for everyone. It’s been proven that men and women whose follicle has been dormant for a long time will have poorer outcome. However, Patients will generally get back at least 25% of their hair, though that isn’t much hair.

Does hair transplant stop hair loss?

Undertaking a hair transplant would also not stop hair loss, that why most doctors would recommend that you wait until your hair loss has occurred before undergoing the transplant surgery. Hair transplants are also not permanent, the hair will also thin and age over time.

However hair transplant is very beneficial, it might not work for everyone or may not be a permanent solution, but it is very advantageous as it can help to restore your hair and make you look younger.

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Reasons why older people are more suited for hair transplants.

Worried about that receding hairline, don’t stress anymore get yourself a hair transplant. The best thing about hair transplants is that they tend to produce excellent results with age.

The first and foremost reason why older people are well suited for a hair transplant is that further possible hair loss is next to zero, this is crucial in a hair transplant procedure since the surgery is not reversible. Once hair is restored, it is expected that anymore hair loss will produce an unpleasant, artificial look.

Older people are also the most suitable for the surgery due to their hair texture and colour. Grey or white hair provides a cosmetic advantage in the surgery than standard brown hair. It also avoids that transplanted look. Ageing tends to decrease hair texture which inturn eliminates the likelihood of an artificial look. The less the contrast with the scalp the less tufting is likely to occur.

However, in as much as they are the most suitable age group, they are also the most delicate. Older people are more prone to chronic diseases which tend to pose major risks during the surgery. Older people also tend to be more sensitive to blood loss.